Wednesday, July 8, 2015
7:00pm 22:00pm

Bosse & Baum
133 Copeland Road London,
England, SE15 3SN

Dissolve Specific Objects and The Performance Studio present:

As part of an ongoing collaboration, artists Richard Sides and Theo Burt will perform a unique back-to-back audio-visual set combining elements drawn from their respective practices.

RICHARD SIDES is a multi-disciplinary artist who produces music on his own and with others. Recent musical collaborations have included projects with Lorenzo Senni as PLUTO and Theo Burt with whom he also co-organises the publishing platform BUS.

THEO BURT works with a broad range of computer sound and image, including synthesis, geometry and found music and video. He makes extensive use of automatic processes, producing ambiguous situations that explore the narratives we create to explain even highly abstracted events and the contradictions this forms with our experience and values. His sound and video works have been released on Entr'acte, Or, The Death of Rave and Presto!?