Eva Kot'átková

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
7:00pm 22:00pm

133 Copeland Road London,
England, SE15 3SN

On Wednesday 10th June, The Performance Studio will be screening a series of works by Eva Kot'átková, starting with documentation of her early actions such as Walk to School (2008), Controlled Memory Loss (2010), and leading up to her most recent work Black Theatre (Stage for the Fragmented Body) (2014).

- Kot'átková creates sculpture and installations that are allegorical proposals for living in a problematic age. Her installations, drawings and photographs are blueprints for difficulties that must be surmounted in order to explore the limits of human relationships and behaviour.

Kot'átková's installations often include live elements with performers playing a part in their final realisation. From the outset she has included herself and also enlisted other people in the resolution of this task: from school children - where in an early series of sculptures titled Sit up Straight (2008) she made apparatus to correct slouching in class - to adults that reveal her research into the strange behaviour of vertebrates and the psychology of enclosure and restraint.

Video is not central to Kot'átková's practice, but is the natural medium for the record of these actions. Although at times when she uses video it can result in almost static images - as in Sit up Straight - more recently she has made her Black Theatre pieces as stand alone works for video, which she describes as "live moving collage".

With thanks to Hunt Kastner gallery, Prague.