Terry Smith is one of the poets of reductive art; a contradictory minimalist whose Anti-Form conceptions place him in a tributary of expression that nourishes his individuality.


He makes work from whatever is to hand, from video installations to sculpture, wall drawings and paintings to performance, Smith’s drive as an artist is to experiment. Smith’s practice and his influences single him out as the most consistent artist of his generation in the UK to create a body of work over a long period of time that is uncompromising in its acknowledgment of major artists of the 20th Century, such as John Cage, Joseph Beuys, Bruce Nauman and more recently Pina Bausch.


These artists, among others, established a basis from which art can extend both into the realm of pure idea while at the same time remaining experiential. This approach forms the core of Smith’s own. His awareness of this historical trajectory not only informs his work but allows him to create a platform upon which it can be celebrated.