Raised in Manndalen in Northern Norway, Solberg lives and works as a musician and visual artist with Tromso (Norway) as a base. She crosses artistic expressions and she uses installation, sound, performance, photography and sculpture in her art. In a meeting between fantasy and reality, time, malice and naivety, she has an autobiographical undertone where she tells vivid stories through her work.


To mark the end as Artist in Residence at The Performance Studio, Marita Isobel Solberg, NABROAD and The Performance Studio opened the doors to a small group of people for a special treat; performance and a conversation with the artist. As the sun set, with an incredible view of London, we gathered in a circle on the rooftop of V22 as the sound from passing trains in the distance made us move closer to hear Marita tell us more about her research and inspiration, a conversation lead by David Thorp.