The Performance Studio is a production and rehearsal space, set up by independent curator, David Thorp to provide a creative 'hub'; a free space for invited artists to experiment with and cultivate live art related activities over an extended period of time.

Based upon Thorp's longstanding interest in performance, and the burgeoning live art scene, this small-scale, process-led project places performance centre stage and offers a creative refuge, free from market driven forces. The Performance Studio is an inward focused undertaking, based upon low expenditure and skill trading to support its operation. It exists solely for artists to develop new projects in experimental theatre, live art and moving image without a commercial agenda or public pressure, so that ideas in gestation can grow freely and unconstrained.

The Performance Studio is a flexible, modest, independent and unashamedly idealistic operation that seeks to establish a viable option to unethical sponsorship, the fiscal-driven art market/dealer system and the public accountability demands of public funding bodies.

Allowing an open-ended freewheeling environment for the exploration of ideas with performance centre stage as an artistic discipline.

Rising from the ashes of V22 in Bermondsey, The Performance Studio moved to a new space close to London's Marble Arch. Completely different in character from the windowless white cube at V22, the new space consisted of second floor rooms above shops in New Quebec Street, W1. The change from light industrial to domestic scale had a bearing on the way artists choose to make use of the Performance Studio - a focus for research, discussion and action.

In Summer 2015 The Performance Studio took up new residence at The Nines on the Copeland Estate in Peckham, in a dedicated space leading off the main cafe and bar, hosting a programme of events encompassing performance, screenings and talks with invited artists, curators and guest speakers.

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